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Packing Food in Boxes


Led by Deaconess Heather (Rose) Muschette, these ministries focus on meeting the needs of people in the community, following Christ's example of showing compassion and advocating for justice. They aim to address the individual and collective needs of people outside of the church, and to relate the ministry to the broader needs of the world.

Evangelism Ministry
This ministry's primary goal is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible. This ministry accomplishes its mission by coordinating and promoting evangelistic efforts such as distributing tracts, visiting homes door-to-door, hosting Good Neighbor Sabbath services, and organizing other outreach events. The ultimate aim is to bring people closer to God and share the love and salvation of Christ with them.

Food Pantry Ministry
This ministry provides food items to members of the community who require assistance. The Pantry is open every other Sunday (from 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM). 


Nursing Home/Hospice Ministry

This ministry is dedicated to meeting the social and spiritual needs of residents in nursing homes, hospices, and other care facilities. Our team members strive to provide encouragement through worship, prayer, and sharing of God's Word, both individually and in group settings.


Sick & Shut-In Ministry

This ministry seeks to meet the spiritual needs of members and others who are unable to attend church services. This is accomplished through prayer, visitations, and telephone calls designed to comfort, enlighten, inform, encourage, and strengthen those in need. 

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