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Men's Ministry

The Men’s Ministry seeks to meet the spiritual needs of men within the church, community, workplace, and home. Members provide opportunities for prayer and fellowship while encouraging men to discover and develop their spiritual gifts through the study of the Word. The ministry also aims to challenge men to become role models and witnesses for Christ.

Vessels of Honor Women's Ministry

The Women's Ministry aims to provide avenues for women to enhance their spiritual growth, serve with dedication, and develop a stronger relationship with Christ, the Church, and fellow sisters. The ministry also organizes activities that promote sisterhood and enrich the lives of those in the community.


Rhema Youth Ministry

The Rhema Youth Ministry focuses on the spiritual growth and maturity of middle and high school students. The ministry encourages the exploration and use of spiritual gifts for the glory of God, which equips youths to improve their relationship with Christ and explore talents for active ministry both inside and outside the Church.


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