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Application Deadline: April 30th by 5:00 PM EST


This Scholarship was established in honor of the life and legacy of Pastor Marlene Samuels Campbell.​      


The Pastor Marlene Samuels Campbell Scholarship Committee will annually award scholarships to individuals who are actively serving in their church communities and pursuing higher education after completing an accredited high school program. Currently, the scholarship is available to applicants within the Seventh Day Baptist South Atlantic Association and the Jamaica Seventh Day Baptist Conference.

  • Award Amount: $500.00

  • Number of Awards: Two per year. New recipients will be selected annually. One student from the SDB South Atlantic Association and one student from the Jamaican SDB Conference will be granted an award. 

  • Award Decision Date: The announcement for the awardees will be made by the third week of July each year.



The criteria for award of each scholarship shall be as follows.  Applicants must:

  1. Be active members in their local Church.

  2. Be active and passionate about church work and missions.

  3. Have at least a B average as shown by their high school transcript.

  4. Demonstrate good leadership qualities in church activities and/or community involvement.

  5. Have applied for and been accepted for enrollment at an accredited college or university and plan on working towards a Bachelor’s or Associate degree; or accepted for enrollment in a vocational/technical institution which leads to a certificate.

  6. Have a signed letter from their Pastor verifying their character and involvement in church and/or community ministries.

  7. Provide a testimony of approximately 250 – 300 words giving a background of their Christian experience, what they are going to pursue at the higher education level and who has made a major impact in their life.


All completed applications, along with supporting documentation, must be emailed to

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