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Find out how it all began

The South East Atlanta Seventh Day Baptist (SDB) Church was established to provide a local SDB church in the southern part of Atlanta. Many of its members had relocated from areas such as New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Florida, and Jamaica. The closest SDB church to them was the Metro Atlanta SDB Church, which was an average drive of one hour and 15 minutes. Initially, a few members traveled there for worship, but as time passed, more SDBs who had relocated to the southern part of the city expressed interest in having a local church. With great enthusiasm, the members of the South East Atlanta SDB Church reached out to these individuals.

In 2001, we started worshiping in our homes with Metro SDB Church as our mother church. Initially, our average attendance was only six individuals. We are thankful to the South Atlantic SDB Association and The Missionary Society for providing us with pastoral leadership during our early days. As word of our meetings spread among our churches, we saw God's movement as individuals began relocating to join us. However, rotating between homes for worship became difficult, among other challenges, which led us to seek a permanent church building for our gatherings.

We were blessed to experience God's favor when we found a church in Jonesboro, GA, at a rental rate far below the average. As our congregation continued to grow, we once again needed to relocate. We held our weekly worship services at Daniel Drive Baptist Church in Stockbridge, GA, for about five years.

Our faith in God's movement in our lives grew stronger, and He gave us the vision to build a new church. We followed His lead, and since September 2011, we have been worshiping in our newly constructed building located at 60 Dailey Mill Road in McDonough, GA, under the leadership of Dr. Barry Dailey. We give all the glory to God!



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